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Screening -- Each prospective client will be screened to determine appropriateness and eligibility for admission to a specific program. Appropriate diagnostic criteria will be used to determine whether the client's current state constitutes use, abuse, and or dependence.

Intake -- Each client will be required to complete all necessary documents for admission to the program (when counseling minors, consent forms must be signed by parents or legal guardians). Consent to Release Information forms must be signed when soliciting information from, or providing information to, outside sources to protect the client's confidentiality and rights.

Orientation -- Each client will be described the general nature and goals of the program; the rules governing client conduct and infractions that can lead to disciplinary action or discharge from the program; the hours during which services are available; treatment cost to be borne by the client, if any; and client rights.

Assessment -- Each client will be administered an individualized interview in which a trained clinician will identify and evaluate an individual's strengths, weakness, problems, and needs for the development of a treatment plan.

Treatment Planning -- Each client and the assigned counselor will identify and rank problems needing resolution; establish agreed upon immediate and long-term goals; and decide upon a treatment process and the resources to be utilized

Counseling -- Each client that selects to receive counseling services at T. Johnson & Associates, LLC (individual, group and significant others) will be treated with the highest regard of professionalism. The assigned clinician will be required to utilize special skills to assist the client in achieving objectives through exploration of a problem and its ramifications, examination of attitudes and feelings; consideration of alternative solutions; and decision-making.

Case Management -- Each case assignment will be provided with activities which bring services, agencies, resources, or people together within a planned framework of action toward the achievement of established goals.

Crisis Intervention -- Access to assigned clinicians will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Those clients that may experience acute emotional and/or physical distress will be instructed to report to the nearest emergency room, except during special circumstances.

Client Education -- Each client will be provided information concerning alcohol and other drugs abuse through the therapeutic relationship. The assigned clinician will also provide information regarding the availability of services and resources throughout the local community.

Referral -- Assigned clinicians will identify those needs of a client that cannot be met by T. Johnson & Associates, LLC and will assist the client in utilizing the support systems and community resources available.

Reports and Record Keeping -- T. Johnson & Associates, LLC will maintain client records by charting the results of assessment and treatment plan, writing reports, progress notes, discharge summaries and other client-related data.

Consultation with Professionals in regard to client treatment and services -- Members of the T. Johnson & Associates, LLC treatment team will be expected to consult with in-house staff or outside professionals to assure comprehensive, quality care for the client.

Substance Abuse Counseling

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